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Oxiconazole nitrate 1%w/w ointment

Oxiconazole is the medication that is used in the treatment of ringworm, jock itch and in athlete foot as a antifungal agent which is used in the inhibition of fungal growth which cause darkening and lightening of skin like arm, chest neck.

How to use Oxiconazole nitrate 1% w/w ointment?

It should be applying to skin by this it will help to reduce the infection, firstly affected area should be rinse and dry properly and by gentle rub of the cream onto the affected area can help the patient to get a relief. Applying extra cream or lotion on affected area will give certain burning and excess of cream should be rub with cotton ball or by cloth.

Expert advice for Oxiconazole nitrate 1% w/w ointment

  • Treat different kind of skin infections
  • Wash your hands before use
  • Do not share towels and clothes
  • Always wear clean clothes
  • Do full course
  • Apply only to affected area
  • Not taken orally
  • Avoid using it on eyes, ear, nose.
  • Let not to use your medication by other person

Side effects of Oxiconazole nitrate 1% w/w ointment

  • Burning
  • Itching
  • Rash
  • Dizziness
  • Scaly red skin
  • Stinging





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1.What is Oxiconazole nitrate cream for?

It is used in the treatment of fungal infection where fungal growth inhibition takes place such as jock itch, athlete foot.

2.Can we use Oxiconazole nitrate cream on face?

Applying only onto skin infections only on the affected area rather than on normal skin it may cause burning and itching.

3.What does Oxiconazole treat?

Particularly this lotion is useful in the treatment of fungal infection that are occur on the skin such as ringworm, athlete foot.

4.How do you use Oxiconazole?

Apply thin layer of ointment on the affected area were rubbing gently and cover the affected area is the solution to avoid burning. Do not apply the cream on eyes, mouth and on vagina.



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