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Disodium Hydrogen Citrate 1.4 gm syrup

It is used as a urinary alkalizer in treatment of UTI’s, kidney stones and acidosis. As it makes the urine more alkaline so it is basically used in kidney stones.

Uses of Disodium Hydrogen Citrate 1.4 gm syrup

•        Kidney stones

•        Urinary tract infections

•        Micturition

•        Urinary alkalization

Side effects Disodium Hydrogen Citrate 1.4 gm syrup

•        Flatulence

•        Tiredness

•        Nausea

•        Vomiting

•        Tiredness

•        Diarrhoea

•        Change in taste

•        Muscle cramps

•        Stomach pain

How does Disodium Hydrogen Citrate 1.4 GM Syrup work?

•        It makes the urine alkaline or basic in nature which also neutralize acid in blood.

•        As acid is the best environment in order to grow bacteria so, syrup help to detoxify it.

How to consume Disodium Hydrogen Citrate 1.4 GM Syrup?

•        It should be taken according to age, weight and as per doctor recommendation.

•        It should not take as empty stomach.

•        Full glass of water should be needed in order to consume the medication.

•        Shake well before use.

•        Measuring cup should be used to take the medicine in a accurate form.

Common Dosage for Disodium Hydrogen Citrate1.4 GM syrup

•        15-30 ml should be given ti adults.

•        5 ml of water should be dissolved in water for the children.

•        Pregnant ladies should use it accordingly with doctor consultation.

Precautions- When to Avoid Disodium Hydrogen Citrate1.4 GM syrup

•        Allergy

•        Dehydrated patients

•        Kidney disease

•        Liver disease

•        Bacterial infections


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1.How to use disodium hydrogen citrate Syrup?

After a meal dose should be taken because empty stomach mayv cause kidney problem. Syrup should be taken with full glass of water and cold water should be use plus drink slowly.

2.What is disodium hydrogen citrate used for?

It is antioxidant in order to improve acidity in the body and act as sequestrant.

3.What does sodium citrate do to your body?

It is used as an alkalizing agent in order to make basic urine which reduce acidity in the body. And helpful in reducing k9idney stone as well.

4.Is sodium citrate may cause severe side effects?

  • Stomach pain
  • Twitching
  • Weight gain
  • Tarry stools
  • Swelling
  • Diarrhoea
  • Seizure

5.How Does Citric Acid Prevent Kidney Stones?

As is an antioxidant it help to neutralize the body and it is beneficial for the person who is having kidney stone.


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